Sunday, August 3, 2014

Misc Small Projects

July was insanely busy for me!  I was gone more than I was home.  I wish it were all one big vacation, but to be honest, little vacations tucked in between work at the cabin.

We are still making great progress, but I'll save one of the biggest changes for next post.  Check back again soon!

This post is all about the little changes taking place...

Like Garage (or basement in our case) storage and organization.  As many times as we've moved, Eric has always told me that he can't do any work until he organized his garage.  I used to roll my eyes, but truth be told, he's got to know where the tools are at.

New toilet...  This wasn't a must, but the old one used like 4 gallons per flush.  Little excessive, don't you think?

Wood burners cleaned...

Attic access...

Smoke detectors throughout the house.

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