Saturday, July 5, 2014


Drywall is one of those things that you just don't want to do yourself.  Could we?  Yes, but it would have taken all summer for us to do it ourselves.  Not to mention, the angry words Eric and I would have expressed toward each other wasn't worth it.

So, we hired a professional!

Here are some before pictures...

Bad attempt by a DIYer!

Bathroom was professionally mudded.

The one bedroom that was actually completed.  Don't you love that mural?

Lovely textured ceiling!  NOT!  At least it was only down the hallway.

We call this Gran's room.  Love the furniture they left us!  This will be refinished at a later date!

Notice how non of the drywall was actually finished.  So, every time we added heat to the place, the bugs would come out of the attic.  GROSS!

Closet by front door.

And the after...

Living room ceiling!

Hallway, with NO popcorn ceiling!

Bedroom with mural has been removed, along with all the fake beams!  It really brightens up the place!

Gran's room.


Full wall in basement was finished off.

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