Thursday, August 7, 2014

Living Room and Kitchen Paint

I love to paint!  It really makes a difference in a room and is so easily changeable...

Now, I say it's easy to change, but to tell you the truth, if I have to repaint this paneling, I might just throw a fit!  Painting paneling is a pain in the a$$!

To do it right, you must:
  1. Sand.  A light sanding in fine.  I used a sanding screen on a pole.
  2. Prime.  Not a big deal, but you have to do all the valleys by hand.  I tried using a roller and the paint kept getting stuck in the valleys and then running.  I don't like this look.  After you have all the valleys hand brushed, you can then roll.  But by doing this, you create the runs again, so you have to take your brush and go through the valleys one more time.
  3. Caulk.  If you are painting a lighter color, you have to fill in the holes.  I'm talking nail holes AND the natural holes that are already in the panels.  If you don't, it looks like you have dirt or worse, bugs on your wall.
  4. Paint.  Again, following the same method as the primer.

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