Friday, May 16, 2014

All in a days work!

Eric was able to go to the cabin last weekend with Sawyer.  I wasn't sure what 1 man (and an 8 year old) could do, but Eric really surprised me!

First of all, he hauled our new tractor up there!  It's like a new toy for Eric and he loves it!

He got up there late on Friday night and discovered that our new well had been dug!  Woo hoo!  You know how much easier it is to work on things when you have running water?  Needless to say, Eric had to turn on the water and verify that there were no leaks...

So Saturday morning, he got up to discover that the water heater had taken a crap.  I guess when it sits there for 20 years, there are going to be issues.  So guess what?  He replaced it!  Now we are able to take hot showers, which is a good thing since we are planning to be there for a 4 day weekend over Memorial Day!

He was also able to rake the yard... mow the lawn... replace kitchen faucet... replace bathroom faucet... and took old furnace out.

Not too bad for a days work!

I'll take pictures when I head up next weekend!

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