Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Lisa Haiss.  I live in Clarkston, Michigan with my wonderful husband of almost 15 years and our 2 boys.

Although I am not a certified interior designer, this is where my passion is.  I've been helping home owners coordinate colors for years.  I have a talent for combining colors that others would never put together leaving your home feeling warm and lived in for years, even if you are just moving in.

I take old furniture and give it new life.  If you are looking for a piece to be rehabbed, I am what you are looking for.

I help home flippers coordinate the colors and finishes in a home to feel cohesive throughout.  I can do this all within your budget.

I help current homeowners get their home ready for market.  This can include decluttering and staging your home.  I work with what you have on hand to transform your home into a showplace.

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