Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fire Pit

One of the tasks that we wanted to get done was to install a fire pit.  this first task was to determine its location.  We knew that we didn't want it too close to the cabin, but we also didn't want it too far either.  Right out the back door, there is a couple of hills, so we decided to place the pit in the valley of these two hills.  We are hoping that the hills will block some of the wind.

We knew that there would be things to burn instead of filling up our dumpster.  We were right on the money with that.  The boys managed to demolish some dressers and bookcases and one VERY solid wood table.

For those that know me well, you know I like to refinish furniture and give it new life, so it pained me to destroy some of these pieces.  But, in the end, they just were not going to make the cut.

The first step was of installing the fire pit was to clear a space...  Of course, this was Eric's favorite part because he got to use the new toy!

Thanks to a friend that Eric works with, we have this brush hog (for free)!  Eric took down all the sumac trees in the area that we wanted to put the pit!

This thing is dangerous!  The boys and I were watching and a stick flew across the field and landed at our feet.  We were a good 20 yards from Eric.  Wow!  This thing cuts through just about everything!

This is the part of the property that is somewhat clear.  The pines in the upper right corner of the picture is were the woods start.  There is about 70 acres of woods.

Eric loves his new tractor!  The pictures are a bit far away, but he was smiling from ear to ear the entire time!

I put the boys in charge of moving the fire ring to the right location.  They were kind of like hamsters... running in their wheel.

They showed good teamwork!

Up over the hill!

Eric used the tractor to dig the whole and then the boys used shovels to fill back in around the edges of the pit!  They did a great job!

They filled it with cardboard to get a fire started!

After a hard days work, Sawyer had to take a nap.  He told me he wanted to rest and read for a little bit, but when I checked on him 20 minutes later, he was out like a light!

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